The 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup season was historic for a number of glorious reasons. From success to sadness, the Empire recounts how the gospel of neon was spread across 36 race weekends.

Pitstops for Hope is a charity organized by former Neon Knight Ray Wright in to unite the teams at RCR to help end childhood hunger. For every dollar given, seven meals are given to needy families. Please visit their site for more information


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In a dark and dreary area of the great state of Wisconsin came the creation of the greatest Empire the world had ever seen. Men of the strongest wills weep at the mere site of the Paul Menard Empire, awed by it's glory and power. The Empire seeks to attain the highest pinnacle of racing success... and look damn good while doing so.


the paul menard empire

In the year 2015 there existed a tournament the likes of which history had never seen before. Over a one month period, fans across the globe selected the greatest neon chariot of all.

Established Menarch 2010

welcome to the empire!

The Empire was born from the passion of fans not only for facial hair, but for the glorious power of neon. Today, that passion is nearly unmatched in motorsports as most marvel strength of 'Nardburns.

As we begin our eighth year of existence the abilities of the Empire seem limitless. Using our neon chariots, we battle across 36 races in an attempt to bring home the Monster Energy Cup to our great lands.

Will this be the year the power of neon reaches it's zenith? Only time will tell...

The 2015 Neon Chariot Tournament

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2014 season review