In the annals of history rarely has a newcomer stepped into the world and conquered it so decisively. Even more rare is it for one to topple such a seemingly unstoppable force like Pittsburgh Paints.

But FVP Parts did it.

And so we sit, gazing upon a mixture of metallic neon beauty reminded of what is and what could be. The very first Neon Chariot Tournament was full of surprises, sadness, utter joy and heaps and heaps of neon glory.

To our competitors this battle is the first of many to assert yourselves as rules of all that is neon. We thank each and every one of you for participating in this challenge with the reminder that this was just one battle in a very lengthy war for neon glory.

Until we meet again, may Nardburns smile down you from above...

-- The Empire

The paul menard empire neon chariot tournament

Final Round

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Across our lands it is known the emperor's preferred music is that of metal, the sounds of the rock gods. therefore the pairing of fvp metallic with the glory of neon is as perfect as 'Nardurns after a fresh shave

Path to Neon glory
Newcomer FVP defeated #4 Libman by a narrow 9.1%, then powered through Richmond with a margin of victory of 56.76%

Odds from Nardburns Casino & Gaming
No one knows what to expect from our silver goddess, as it has defied all preconceived expectations. Forging metallic with neon has proved be more powerful than ever imaged... but can it take home the neon glory?

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